Crossroads of Culture Change Program

Crossroads is designed to educate and empower organizations regarding their current culture and ways to improve it. This is done thru an assessment process which will identify areas we can address together to develop a more ideal workplace.

Assessment will be conducted onsite and will be done either thru interviews or small group discussion. The assessment will determine what is going well and what we need to address to make necessary cultural changes. Upon completion and review we will explore the options that best fit your needs.

Services offered after the assessment include staff training and development on topics such as communication and conflict resolution. I can also provide clinical supervision and support to any particular individual, department or team that may be facing their own challenges.

Package options:

#1 Assessment + 24 hours of onsite implementation – $5000

# 2 Assessment + 8 hours of onsite implementation – $2500


Clinical Consulting

If you are not in need of an entire assessment we can still work with your staff to address challenges and implement healthier ways of promoting self-awareness.  We can identify ways your organization can expand on their current strengths and perhaps implement programs or ideas that support staff to be healthier and more productive members of their team.

The cost for these services is $250.00 / hour and can be scheduled with a simple phone call or email.


Final Option – Retainer

With this option I will be readily available to address acute clinical issues either in person or via teleconferencing up to 4 hours per month.

The cost for this option is $1000 per month and as with my other services can be scheduled with a simple phone call or email.



Short term 10-12 sessions to explore issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, communication and conflict. We will be working together to resolve challenges and develop comping skills for an improved quality of life.

I do accept most insurances and offer flexible scheduling.  I’m happy to talk with you about your individual situation before scheduling an appointment so feel free to reach out.